Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"House" Tour {No.1}

 As of now, I do not live in a house. I do not live in an apartment. I get to live with tons of incredibly beautiful and talented girls in a college dorm! So being there 8 months out of the year, we like to make it nice and home-y. The common area, or lounge, is our living room, and we each get a bedroom, and share bathrooms and a kitchen facility. The freshmen all get a roommate, and the returning students (that would be me!) get their own room. 

I would like to introduce a talented, crafty lady, and my new friend, Michelle. She is kind enough to share the decor of her "house" with us. I asked her a couple questions about her style. 

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: My style? Um, It’s hard to say. Eclectic, and maybe a little bit quirky. Everything kind of has a meaning to me. I can look at everything in my room and remember when I bought it. It’s almost reminiscent. Everything I have is for a purpose. I like old things, vintage-y things. 

Q: Do you think your style changes a lot? Or have you liked this kind of style for a while?

A: I have liked it for a long time. I feel like my style is always progressing. Before it was really fun, but now it’s more like I’m trying to make it more timeless. Slowly it’s evolving into something more mature. 

Q: Tell me about that piece of wallpaper:

A: Well, there is a girl, and I found her designs online. I’ve always liked wallpaper and florals. I saw that you can buy samples online, which is so cool! I bought an 8x10 piece of wallpaper and it only cause like under $2! That’s so cool to me! All the way from Birmingham, England. That is art for under $2! It’s amazing! I just bought a sample piece of fabric from the same lady, and it’s coming in the mail! So fun!

Q:  What is your favorite piece in your “house”?
A: It’s probably something I bought on Etsy. It’s a painting of a man playing guitar in Israel. It’s so fun cause it came in this really cute packaging, and the girl was really nice and it was just so fun! It’s kind of an awkward painting, but I think a lot of my style is awkward and quirky, but for me it just fits. And I love that this came from Israel!

Q: So…would you say that you find buying things online exciting?
A: Yes. But this is a problem because there are endless opportunities!

Thank you Michelle!

Ad don't worry friends, I will share my "house" sometime soon! Also, are you interested in seeing more "house" tours sometime soon?


  1. Michelle, I don't know you, but I like your style! Especially the illustration of the matryoshka dolls! I'm Kristen's sister by the way- nice to meet you through the interweb.

  2. Oh Yes - I love the house tours. Please do more. Michelle - I'm curious. Who are those singing nuns?

  3. Hello Friends!
    I got the nuns from an old calendar called, "nuns having fun".
    thanks kristen for the shout out!


  4. Love it! And yes, more house tours would be great! :)