Saturday, November 12, 2011

Whirlwind weeks!

Happy 100th post to me. Nothing super exciting here. oh dear! I'll have to make up for it soon!

Here's my week:


Classes..and extra classes I had to attend.

Road trip!

Dream coffee shop! 

Forever21! H&M! Urban Outfitters!


More coffee!


More Forever21! H&M!

driving back home..


And of course, I didn't take any pictures of my fantastically fun road trip with my friends..perhaps I'll have to steal some from Jordon's instagrams. We really had a whirlwind trip, travelling 16 hours in two days, staying only one night, and shopping a lot! Multiple coffee shops were also in the plans of course.

My wardrobe is ready for winter, and I am extremely unmotivated to do homework, but it must be done! The blog may take second place this coming week, as five papers must get done by thursday! and we have a four day event for Cafe this coming weekend. 

Good thing I already put up my christmas tree, and have started listening to christmas music, otherwise I would be completely stressed out! But no, Ella's swinging tunes have kept me sane. Why don't you try out this great stress reliever? Don't miss me too much this week! I've got lots of new outfits to share soon!

                                                                                Source: via Julia on Pinterest


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  1. OOh yuck. I mean about the 5 papers, not the shopping. I've got one due by thursday and it's driving me insane. I would NOT want 5.