Sunday, January 1, 2012

Well, the new year is here! I sometimes think it's funny that we make such a big deal out of each new year. Imagine if we celebrated every time a new month came around, we would think it was just silly. I joined in on the new years fun just the same! I hosted a few friends over last night, and we had a wonderful time! I made a few appy's, and thanks to a few friends, we had lots to drink as well! I found a few new years printables (here), and it turned out quite pretty. Such fun!

This is a fantastic bread to make for a party! (recipe here). 

I loved having such good friends over!

This picture is blurry but I had to include it because it's such fun! We played a lot of mario party. I'm pretty sure everyone can enjoy this game on Wii. 

Our handsome barista. 

Yeah, he's talented. 

One of our favourite things of the evening was one of my friend's Christmas gift. Have you seen the Soda Stream? Honestly, probably one of the coolest things in the world. You fill up this bottle with water, attach it to the soda stream, press a button and it carbonates it, add some soda-stream flavoured syrup, and you MAKE YOUR OWN POP! And it tastes so good! Really, put it on next year's Christmas list. 

Hope your ringing in of the new year was lovely!


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