Sunday, April 29, 2012

Road Trip {No.3}

If you've never had the chance to run off on a two-week road trip with seven of your closest friends, you're missing out! It's still wonderful, despite our moments of spats. We are living in very close quarters here! Here's a few more lovely moments thanks to instagram.

I am sunburnt. But Starbucks suddenly became a daily occurrence for us. Only to get out of the sun. It is a necessity, really. 

Cutest shoes at Frances. 

This suitcase has a fantastic appeal. 

Finally tried out the coffee scene of Phoenix. It served me well!

What's the weather like where you are? It's fantastically warm here. Hope it's not too unpleasant for you!



  1. So did you get the shoes?! I'm sure they had your name written on them somewhere...

    1. I'm sure they had my name written them, but also a price I didn't exactly like!

  2. Pleaser tell me you got those cute shoes!! and he weather, oh well, it's okay. It just rained for an hour but it was great photo weather yesterday? haha. x