Thursday, May 3, 2012

Road Trip {No.4}

The road trip is nearly over. Two more days and I'll be home. This week took us to Huntington Beach, California, and Las Vegas! 

Huntington beach was beautiful! It was cloudy in the morning, but perfect for walking around. The afternoon brought the sun out, and I got a nice red-brown feather extension. I love it!

Late afternoon we headed to Las Vegas, and i saw Cirque de Soleil's Mystere! It was beautiful! At the end, I wished it was only an intermission! The live music, the fantastic colours, the tricks, it was dazzling!

This trip has been wonderful, but I'm excited to head home! Montana tomorrow, then home on Saturday!

Have you been to Huntington Beach or Las Vegas? Whats was your favourite part?


  1. Montana is such a beautiful state! I'm soooo jaleous right now!! Take loooooads of photos :D It's where the cowboys live, hehe. x

  2. Love the pictures! What a fun trip!