Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Here comes Fall!

        I live near the university. Today, the mass increase of people a block away reminded me that fall is truly here. Depositing a cheque means waiting in line at the bank. Starbucks is no longer a quiet place to get free internet, it's a bustling third place students 'own'. I'll survive, considering I'll be one of..them..eventually. For now, I'll stay a resident and act elite. 

One thing that fall brings is layering! This is my favourite season for that. Winter is too cold, layering seems pointless, as I'm usually bundled up too much for any fashion sense to make it out. Fall is perfect for just the right amount of layering!

As money for shopping isn't extremely abundant, I am looking at reworking the pieces in my closet. 

I'm dreaming of:

Mixing clashing colours and denim. 

Mixing fabrics and accessories. 

Finding a way to wear this beautiful print. I don't like it on it's own, but perhaps with a blazer it will have life. 

Lace. Need I say more?


What are your plans for fall outfits?


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  1. Love all these combos. I am so excited for fall so I can start laying again!