Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wedding Gift How-to.

Ah summer. You're nearly gone! And summer is the season of weddings. I had the wonderful privilege of being in the wedding party for good friends of mine, and Jordon and I wanted to put together a unique wedding gift for them. We decided on a date basket. I know married couples get lots of dishes, and pots, but this is something they can enjoy together. 

Here's how it works:
- a few dates, put together with gift card, little treats, and lots of cute notes.

Date number 1:
- a bottle of wine and a gift card for cheese: wine and cheese night at home!

Date number 2: 
- a gift card for a night out for coffee. Jordon and I always go for coffee with this couple, so this had to be in there!

Date number 3:
- Make every day a date with 'made with love' sandwich bags, and personalized chocolate bar wrappers with cute sayings like, 'you make my heart melt' to make every day special.  


Wedding season is nearly over, but if you have any more to go to this summer, try putting a date basket together! Cute, personal, and really fun to make. 

What are your go-to gifts for weddings?


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