Saturday, October 13, 2012

DIY Cookbook

Today brings you yet another seasonal themed post! I have a ongoing project this autumn that I have been working on. My cookbook! I have a rule for it. I can only add recipes that I actually have eaten and like. So often, I buy a cookbook that I think looks so delicious, but only end up trying one recipe, and either not being impressed, or totally forgetting about the cookbook and having it get dusty in my cupboard. With my 'only tried recipes' rule, I have a cookbook to keep going back to, and it gets well-used! 

I found this old Betty Crocker cookbook while thrifting, and decided it was really okay to cover up some of these dated recipes with my own. Some of them I'll keep, such as a pie crust recipe! I'll definitely need some help with that - Thanks Betty! 

This project is really enjoyable to me, as I used to be an avid scrapbooker. This got kind of old, as printing off photos seems to be few and far between (and the scrapbooker scene isn't quite as cool as it once was. I'm sure there are cool scrapbookers out there - hello to you!) This scrapbooked cookbook allows me to be creative, which I love. I need that creative outlet! Little drawings, pretty paper, and stamps adorn the pages. Over the years, eventually, my little book will be filled with recipes I love! 

{this peanut butter chocolate cookie recipe is the best!}

Does autumn put you in a cooking mood? 


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