Thursday, October 4, 2012


Thanksgiving is nearly here! I love this time of year. I am thankful for a fantastic family, a pretty snazzy boyfriend, an enjoyable job, and a class that I like. I'm also thankful for days off! I started today off with a run outside gazing at the autumn leaves (before you think: wow, she's dedicated. Know that this may have been a one time thing), just took some pumpkin bread out of the oven from this new recipe, and am trying not to be too jealous of my roommates who get to go be with family for the weekend while I work through the weekend. 

As the weather gets cooler, I seem to get craftier. Remember these cute magnets I made with cork? I seem to have an abundance of cork afterwards. So I whipped up an inspiration corkboard! Here's how I did it.

Started off with a cork tile - dollar store. or Kristen's house. I have so many, it's sad -, some paint of choice - I chose metallic silver - and a paintbrush and tape. 

Tape off your design and paint your design! I chose chevron. Cause it's SO in right now. 

I glued mine to a second cork tile for thickness, attached it to my wall with 3-m poster strips, and added a little inspiration. Paint samples for fall wardrobe inspiration, and memories from summer that I want to keep in mind. Easy as pie! Or pumpkin bread.

Where does this thanksgiving weekend bring you?


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  1. Your board looks so much better than mine ^^ mine's just plain old brown cork. Nothing fancy about that, haha. Hope you did get to celebrate at least a little bit over the past weekend :) xo Nikki