Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Monday.

Happy Monday! Here's to a splendid week.

Here are a few pretty things to bring you joy.

This mug was part of Jordon's Christmas present that I need to fix. I did the sharpie + bake method, but it still seems to rub off on the thin sharpie sections. Any ideas? Should I try baking it again? Or try an actual porcelain pen?

I got these lovely earrings in my stockings from Whim
{By the way, I considered actually fixing my wild hair for this picture, but really, this is quite normal. My hair is fine and falls out of it's place way too often. You now know my secret}

A cute camera bag I picked up while thrifting. I'm considering using it as a purse. Too boxy, or could it work?

What's inspiring you this week?


  1. Join the wild hair club! I have SO much of those baby hairs that won't stay in place unless I cover them with half a bottle of hair spray, haha. I love the drawing you did on the mug! Unfortunately I have no experience with these, maybe you can ask at a local craft store? :) x

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