Monday, April 8, 2013


                                                                               Source: via Kristen on Pinterest

Snow is lingering. Exams are lingering. It seems the joy of spring is just out of grasp! But it's coming! I know it is. The blog lull won't be for long, I can see lots of creative inspiration coming, it's just not quite within reach yet!

New sights of new cities are coming. Green grass is coming (I think?). COLOUR in the outdoors is coming. Spring cleaning is coming! Wedding planning (a break was nice) is coming. Bare legs in dresses are coming. Seeing my sisters - it's coming! Gardening is coming. Creative inspiration - oh, it better come! 

Hey spring, hurry up? You'd be a big help to the creative side of me. 

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  1. So you are still kicking! :D That was a long time no see! ^^ Hope you'll be back to blogging soon :-) I've missed keeping up with the wedding planning :) x