Friday, September 27, 2013

Returning as a Mrs.

Hello blogging friends, I decided it was time for my return! It's been a long while. It was a wonderful, wonderful summer. My sister got married, I got married, and I went to a million friends' weddings. Marriage was abundant, and it's a good thing!

See our wedding photos here! Tamarah is the best. 

After our wedding, we went to Chicago, and it was also wonderful! Late, warm summer weather, lots of good food, and lots of coffee... and I do mean lots. 

We liked this city a lot. We went on an architecture tour, which was really neat. Did you know the Sears Tower isn't actually called the Sears Tower? Look it up. A true fact. 

Obligatory bean picture. 

We also said hello to mister trump in his tower!

Just a few photos from our trip. We've since established a pretty wonderful home in our little basement suite, and once it's a little more on the side of presentable, photos are sure to come! 

What has this summer brought you?

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! The photos are stunning! Can't wait to hear more about how your summer went :)