Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ambition Gained! (Dorm Decorating-Phase 3)

So! Do i have things to share! I have just one week until I move into my dorm room, and am I ever prepared!

I went to MCC the other day and was quite inspired! My sister found this little number:

I snatched it up the second she decided not to get it. I love it! My favourite colour too!

I was inspired after my trip to MCC, and so armed with my favourite crafty tool, (I decided every crafter should have this in their home! It's fantastic for sprucing up some very sad 70's items. I did two projects with half a can in just one day!)
I love this little can!

Remember these old, gold outlet and lightswitch covers found on my garage sale adventure?

Well, my trusty little friend helped me out with them and now they look fabulous!

And now, for my favourite project of the week! At MCC, i found this lovely little lamp. Now, it may not seem lovely. In fact, with the old shade, it was downright disgusting. The old shade, that I tore off the second I brought it home was cream, but filled with stains, and had a not-so-pretty ribbon lining the top and bottom that was orange and gold. Oh, if you would have seen it, you would understand my obligation to spruce up this lamp. And, what better time, because I needed a lamp for my dorm!

So here it is! Before: (a brass and orange mess)

Jordon helped me learn the art of spray paint:

And Ta-Da! Isn't it fantastic?! The shade is some really neat teal fabric I found in the clearance bin at Wal-Mart. (They're discontinuing their fabric section. It is a sad day for me.)

I absolutely love this new lamp! It is sitting beside me at this moment, lit up in all it's beautiful, crafty glory. It really is my favourite project to this day!



  1. I want to borrow that paint if you still have some...:) Looks good!

  2. yes i do. but its a toonie at wal-mart. i could maybe even afford to buy some for you!

  3. Looks great Kristen! It's so cute and girly now! :)