Monday, August 30, 2010

Skirts..Skirt..Skirk..Shirk..Shirking my skirt?

Yes. It's true. I have been abandoning my skirt. Skirts actually. There are two in the process. I love them both dearly but have come into some difficulty making both. As I am far, far from skilled at sewing, I haven't overcome these obstacles.
But! Nevertheless (favourite long word of the week) I will share the progress of my two skirts so far. Both very close to being done, both not wearable. Ah well, the trials of being more ambitious than skilled.

It's hard to tell what this one is, but that top part is the waist band, then i have two pleats.

Apparently I didn't measure right, and ran out of fabric. So, i just added a triangle. It looks good in the end, it really does.

My beautiful belt loops. I love this fabric! (You may remember it from my 'Off the Loom' post)

Skirt Numero Two:
Started out with two mens XL dress shirts from MCC, cut off the sleeves, and split them.

Sewed them all together...

I have hemmed this now, no pictures of that yet, and it is turning out a little 50's waitress, so I'm thinking I may have to take it apart and make the sleeves a little narrower. Too much work!

For a different look at the skirt out of shirts, click here. I actually found this idea on Threadbanger, but some of the channels stopped, so I could no longer find it:(

Here's another idea for Men's dress shirts that is pretty neat! A very cute dress if I could ever master that sewing machine.

I also found a whole post about men's shirts re-do projects on Threadbanger! Click here to see skirts, bags, dresses and more!



  1. I am so jealous of your sewing skills because I have tried to do the same thing before and the skirts that I made just didn't turn out right. Nevertheless (your word of the week) I am determined to try to do it again in the near future. I figured that if you can do it so well that you are willing to show the world via a blog then there is hope I can make a few just for my own interests.

  2. glad you enjoyed the post! i really don't have sewing skills, but am trying to learn! I don't plan on becoming a seamstress, but they are good projects to keep me busy. Keep at it!