Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I hereby declare myself a bloggist.

Yes, I do realize that a bloggist is more commonly referred to as a blogger, but really, who wants to follow normal trends?
I have really enjoyed blogging this entire summer, and as this summer comes to an end, (Happy Sepetember!) I really hope to continue this fantastic habit I seem to have acquired, blogging for the better good of creative minds!
I heard about the new Stats feature on Blogger (under dashboard) and have been enjoying it thoroughly! It's quite satisfying knowing more than one person reads my blog! I blog for the personal enjoyment of it, but it's kind of fun knowing readers do exist! Thank you readers! You are appreciated!

So, in celebration of my love of being a bloggist, I will share a few of my favourite things. You can see more of my favourite on the list to the right.

Jenni's Blog- beautiful photos, words and inspiration from my sister. She's an avid blogger as well.

Craftster- here's a whole community of crafters. I haven't been here lately, but it's a back up sometimes when i'm out of ideas. I'll admit, sometimes it just makes me feel good about myself if I see a project I could do better and succeed.

ReadyMade Blog- As you may have noticed, I have mentioned ReadyMade before, one of my favourite magazines. Here is the blog on the ReadyMade site that I actually only started reading today. I enjoyed how it's often very cleverly written, as well as has fun things!

What Anna Loves - more pretty inspirational things!

Aesthetic Outburst- I love how she shares her photos!

Hope this gave you some crafty inspiration for your day! I'm working on some strawberry plant tins today, will be posted soon! I also had found some neat apothecary style jars during my MCC trip, and recovered one of the lids with the same fabric as my lamp yesterday. I'm not sure what to use them for yet. Jordon suggested loose tea, my dad suggested candy. And other ideas?

Here's to bloggists everywhere!



  1. A terrarium!
    For more info, see:


  2. thanks for the shout out!! you're awesome :)