Monday, August 23, 2010

Fun Ideas, Not Enough Ambition.

Lately, I've had lots of really great crafty ideas, but not nearly enough ambition. Though I am nearly finished my first skirt! (will be posted soon. Preview: It's grey, vintage, and i probably will even wear it!) I spent the majority of the week working on it. I have come across a lot of really fun ideas for more projects, but I'm not sure I'll actually get around to them. I'll share them, perhaps someone else can attempt the things I am too un-motivated to do!

I got a new issue of my favourite magazine, ReadyMade, today. What a joy it is to receive a magazine postmarked with your name, all full of crafty ideas! I literally sat there for an hour, drinking chai tea with cinnamon dolce syrup, just browsing through those glossy, filled-with-crafty-joy pages. One of the neatest things I found was a planter made out of light-switch and outlet covers!
See this neat project here.

Or if you're looking for something a little more on the cool side (pun very intended), and just love puzzling situations, why not create a puzzle with jello, ice or popsicles? Yes, someone came up with the idea of making tetris-shaped ice cube trays on this DIY site. It caught my eye. Or should i say my mind. And who doesn't love Tetris? (or is that just me?)
See the fun in ice cube trays here.

I'm also really into necklace making. (previous posts may slightly hint at this truth) I found a necklace I LOVE! It would embody the very existence of myself! well, maybe not. But it does portray something I really enjoy -Tea! I'm thinking if I can find some teapot charms, I may be able to attempt this necklace myself, when i acquire the ambition of course.
See the original here. (called 'tea time long necklace'. about half way down the page, but there are some pretty neat other jewelry pieces as well)

Perhaps I will discover the secret source of ambition sometime soon!


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