Monday, August 16, 2010

Reality TV, Inspiring my life. (not really)

I love clothes. I really love creating outfits. So during this week of relaxing, I've been enjoying a reality show called Project Runway. Now I may not be in, but i'm definitely not out of a fashion sense completely. In argument to Heidi Klum's statement, "You're either in, or you're out", I think I may be right in the middle. The judges on this oh-so-intriguing fashion designing competition often say that fit is so important. If the contestants outfits don't fit perfectly on the models, this often causes elimination.

If you know me in the least, you'll know I am a 'deal finder' (self proclaimed title). I rarely buy anything full price. Why do so? When it will always go on sale eventually. Sales are my dominated section of a store, I will search relentlessly for the best, the most pretty, and the least expensive pieces. A shirt for $5? Yes please! 2 shirts for $5? Even better! Because of this, I often succumb to settling for the wrong size, saying, "Oh, it fits alright. I will still wear it.", since sale sections don't always have the largest selection.

Project Runway may change my point of view on this. No, I won't let a show dictate my life, but maybe grabbing every sale item I can find isn't the best way to approach shopping adventures. I've improved over the years, but often I am still drawn in by that bright red sticker on the normally bland white tag. Perhaps I can be a little more particular in how I shop. Especially being a poor student this next year, this concept may serve me well.

Anyway, here's a collage made on Polyvore made of well-tailored items, all very chic and 'fashion-forward' as my good friend Heidi Klum might put it.

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