Thursday, June 30, 2011


Yes, you heard right. There is nothing awkward about this Thursday. I hope this idea isn't too off the wall for you.

Would you like to know what's awesome about today? Of course you would! Here are four things that made my day lovely.

1. I actually felt like cleaning today. Was successful till I started blogging.

2. I had the day off work. Having a thursday off is fantastic! I have to close on Canada Day tomorrow, but who cares?

3. I won a giveaway on Dear Prudence! And didn't even realize it. I won like half a month ago! This is my first win of a giveaway on a blog, so I'm super excited! I get to sport some neat Bobby Pins from Sea of Blooming Dreams Etsy shop. I'll show them as soon as I get them!

4. I get to attend a play tonight with my family.

5. I started my crafty-lady book. I'm pretty sure everyone should have a crafty-lady book. My boyfriend brought me back this book from when he was in Boston last week. It's from Urban Outfitters. Last year, he also got me these book ends. He's pretty neat.

Take a look inside, it's the theme words for my blog! I thought it was fitting.

Now to fill the rest of the pages with crafty ideas! I'm so excited! I will make check boxes so I can check off the projects as I finish them. Isn't checking off a list satisfying?

6. Here's what I read during my spare time this week. Real Simple, as well as ReadyMade are magazines that most crafty ladies love.

Do you have a crafty-lady idea book? Or a favourite inspirational magazine?

Now, you tell me, what is awkward about this thursday? Nothing! It's fantastic!



  1. ah, i'm so jealous! i've always wanted to win a prize on one of these blogs!

  2. Nice blog !!

  3. Congrats on winning!!!! :) I'll be sending them off very soon, can't wait for you to get them :)