Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday.

It's Thursday.

And i'm tired. This getting up before 6 every morning is wearing on me, I tell you!

So it's very hard for me to think creatively as of this second. Starbucks = creativity sucker (just kidding. I like it there!)

-Assistant Manager telling you not to sell that bottle of Sugar-Free Vanilla as you're handing it to the customer. Oops. I think the customer was more awkward about it than I was.
-Another customer saying, as he's looking at the CD's by the till, "It's so hard to buy CD's nowadays, isn't it?" I chuckle and agree, not having a clue what he means. Hard? I buy CDs all the time!

-Tips! I love working at a job with tips.
-Going to the Body Shop, finding 2 for $12 lotions (I bought Satsuma, apparently it's a natural bug repellant? I'm up for trying it out this summer!) and getting a free Body Shop Card because it's my birthday month! $22 in savings? Alright!!
-Customer Survey results! If you ever get a survey with your receipt, fill it out! It's so nice to get nice essays written by customers! And the negative ones too...Yes, we will try to not be located in a mall next time, for sure.

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Apparently, work is on the mind! Here is a funny photo I found on Pinterest. Make your own beverage as you pass by I suppose?

Source: via Pamela on Pinterest


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