Thursday, June 16, 2011


Yes, I know. I already posted today. But I have been thinking.

Originally, I had wanted this blog to be all about crafts and creativity and inspiration, and I still do. But I realize it's taking on another form. Inspiring in the form of fashion, at least I hope. I have been really into finding the most fantastic fashion blogs lately, and I'll share lots of them on my 'June Lovelies' post, coming soon! There are just so many creative ladies out there! Hello to all of you!

The thing is, I don't have a very fantastic camera to share all I want to with you. I'm not a photographer, I just want to have a pretty blog! I have a block of a point-and-shoot Canon, which has worked fantastically for some time, but just isn't up to par anymore. Luckily, I have a fantastic sister, Jenni, who has a fantastic eye for photography. She often helps me out! But for now, I hope sharing others' photos can still be inspiration!

I recently (alright, it was a few months ago) bought this blazer at American Eagle (yes, American Eagle! Sale rack of course), and I love it! But I am struggling to pair it with outfits. I originally thought floral patterned shirts would be the perfect mixing of prints with it! Somehow, it hasn't worked out yet. Any opinions?

But, I have been seeing the blush-coloured blazer a lot lately. Now, normally, I am not a pink person. I think I now own two sort-of pink shirts. But the colour blush is not just pink. It's so much more!

These photos link back to where I stumbled upon them. Isn't the second photo a beauty?

Let me know your thoughts on the summer blazer!


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