Friday, September 30, 2011

September Lovelies

I rarely post twice in a day, but today I actually have time, so why not? I'm spending my day doing laundry and reading textbooks..who am I kidding. Reading is not happening this afternoon. I have so many blog posts to read, and getting back from my trip, I am finding it incredibly hard to get back into schoolwork. And besides that, laundry and blogging really just go hand in hand anyway.

It's also the last day of September, and I haven't even posted my favourites of September! These are some of my favourite posts to do. It shows how busy I've been I suppose.

Here are my favourites of September!

1. Autumn Looks

This woman knows how to look at autumn head on.

These colours are beautiful choices for fall, don't you think?

2. Music

Heard of Jenny & Tyler? Well, now you have! Duets are beautiful, and these two do it well. Get a free 30-song fall playlist that includes this talented duet, here.

I love She & Him as well. I recommend you buy all their songs on itunes. If you're rich. Or if you're not.

3. Inspiration

To me, this is better than Santa coming out of your fireplace.

Truly beautiful.

You know me. I love a good bike. And through the crunchy leaves? Love that sound!

Tomorrow I'm going to take some autumn pictures with Jordon! Just for fun. I hope they turn out well. And hey, If you're looking for something free, I know where to get a super nice flat iron! Stop by Rachel's blog here to enter to win.


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