Monday, October 31, 2011

"House" Tour {No. 2}

I've been living in my dorm for over two months, and I haven't even shown you? My, I'm a lazy blogger. 

This is my home! See my first home tour here. I'm not doing an interview with myself, because that's just...silly. I'll just tell you about the favourite things in my room! And maybe give a few of my favourite DIY ideas. 

I love frame collages! I collected these frames over the summer, painted some of them, and threw them up on the wall (3m tabs are magical), and wall art is born!


On the other side of my room, I have a chalkboard, magnetic calendar, and an unusual way to hang photos (see below!)

I happen to love my telephone table a lot. See the before and after here

And now, here's a few of my favourite changes I made to my originally white room. Tell me, which one of these six is your favourite?

Do I like tea? No...not at all. See my tea chalkboard labels here

That's my house! 



  1. I give you mad props for decorating your room as so. Hanging things on dorm walls are no bene. I would know since I'm in a dorm myself. :)

  2. I love your wall of frames and that bird cute!

    xo erica

  3. love your wall o frames! i just posted about mine on my blog today. great minds think alike!

  4. all those scattered picture frames are just so precious! adore them all!!!
    xo TJ